Help us understand how you enjoy the outdoors

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Dear Garfield County Residents, 

LiveWell Garfield County is collecting information about the activities that kids in our community like to do outdoors.This summer, the Garfield County Libraries hosted visioning workshops with youth to brainstorm all the different ways we enjoy being active in order to assist this great effort to bring funding to our community.  This information will be used to come up with ideas about how to make it easier for families to connect with and enjoy nature in our area.  These ideas will be submitted to Great Outdoors Colorado for possible funding as part of their Inspire Initiative.  

Please take a few minutes to complete the following survey about the activities that you like to do outside. We want to hear your ideas for ways that we can make our outdoor places and programs better!

Thank you for your help!

Survey for Youth (English)

Survey for Youth (Español)

Survey for Adults (English)

Survey for Adults (Español)

If you have questions about this project, please contact Dana Wood at LiveWell Garfield County (



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