MADlab at the Rifle Branch Library

MADlab at the Rifle Branch Library

MADlab stands for Make And Design lab and it's the library's makerspace. A makerspace is a new kind of learning environment where community members can move beyond learning how to do something and into actually doing it.  

MADlab provides a physical space to meet and create in.  The Rifle Branch Library has transformed its former storytime room into a space designed for creativity and making, complete with an outdoor area and access to a faucet when making gets a little messy.  Having a designated space allows for the creation of a community of likeminded makers by providing the room to meet and collaborate.

MADlab provides tools for creation.  From a 3D printer to the Adobe Creative Suite, MADlab has hardware, software, and more to help you realize your goals.  See below for a complete listing of available items.

MADlab provides access to people-power.  MADlab will be staffed by librarians ready to help you figure out how take your idea and make it a reality.  MADlab can also connect you to community experts and other like-minded makers so that you can learn and build together.  


What can I learn?

Photography    Videography     Graphic Design     3D Modeling     Entrepreneurship     Home Repair     Video Game Creation     Jewelry Design     Fiber Arts     Web Design     Computer Construction and Repair     Cooking     Audio Production     Robotics     Podcasting     Electronics     Microcontrollers     Prototyping     Gardening     Sewing     and More- the limit is your imagination!


 MADlab Tools

You'll find many tools and resources to help you create in MADlab.  Here's what we have so far.  Interested in donating something?  Contact us. 


2 iMac Computers (one in the MADlab and one accessible from the Business Center)

Nikon D600 Full Frame Camera (image and video capable)  

Blue Yeti Pro Microphone

GoPro Hero 3

AFINIA H-Series 3D Printer - To learn about how you can 3D print in the MADlab, click HERE!



Adobe Creative Suite





Palo Alto Buisness Plan Pro




and MORE (we will consider downloading additional free software options by request)



Portable Green Screen

Lighting Kit

Copy Light Stand

Circuitry Kits (MakeyMakey/Snap Circuits/littleBits)

Lego Education Builder's Kit

Soldering Kit

Tool Assortment